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TY-TX800 Programmable Graphic Calculator Multi-Function Scientific Calculator

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Graphing Calculator
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Features: full-matrix display graphing calculators, plastic keys, having protection cover


Main functions:


1)second-function key, third-function key, cursor moving, setup mode, trace tools and graphs, evaluate differentials and integrals, reciprocals, factorials, logarithms,algebraic expressions' accumulated adding calculations, input fractions or mixed numbers, extract a square root, extract a cubic root, square, cubic, evaluate the nth power of a number and evaluate the nth root of a number, evaluate logarithms and exponents with 10 as the base, evaluate logarithms and exponents with e as the base, input negative signs in the ordinary mode or complex numbers mode, input degrees, minutes, seconds and conversions between them and decimal system, input hyperbolic functions, Sin, Cos, Tan, recall the stored data, evaluate absolute values or modulus and input the imaginary number in complex numbers mode, input left or right bracket, conversion between fractions and decimals, input %, input comma, conversion between proper fractions and improper fractions, input semicolon and double quotation mark, input decimal point, random number generation, evaluate circumference ratio, evaluate Ans, four arithmetic calculations, evaluate Polar coordinates and rectangular coordinates, permutation, combination, AC key for exiting back to the parent directory, the equal key for switch the line in the programming status, scattered-dot plot and connecting-line graph, matrix calculations, vector.


2)Common calculations, the drawings and forms of functional graphs, inputting and running algorithm statements, statistical calculations, evaluating the equation by dichotomy, definite integral and differential calculations, probability calculations, evaluating equations group, matrix, numerical array and regression calculations.                            


This type of calculator can be connected with a computer via USB line, the software can be upgraded, and the data control of a computer simulator can be conducted via the calculator.


Two calculators can be connected via 3PIN line, and the data of the programming mode of the principal calculator can be copied to the subordinate calculator.